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Witches & Wizards


Welcome to the Enchanted Academy of Wizardry where the Enchanted Head Master, prepares the special potions ahead of the arrival of the wizards and witches.


Once all guests have arrived, the Enchanted Head Master will escort all wizards and witches to their secret classroom just off Diagon Alley.


To begin, the Head Master must appoint the head apprentice (the birthday child). First, they all must pledge their allegiance to the Enchanted Academy of Wizardry, we must ensure that the Muggles don't find out about our secret school! The sorting ceremony then commences with every young wizrad having the magical sorting hat placed upon thier head to reveal which Wizard House they are in. 


The Enchanted Head Master has a few very important potions that must be conjured up with his newly appointed head apprentice. They will demonstrate these in all their awe to the class and with ingredients such as Goblin's saliva, Basilisk venom and powdered Unicorn horn, these are not for the faint-hearted. To follow, the wizards and witches will have their turn at preparing their own potions with the help of the Head Master!


Don't fret, the Academy of Wizardry isn't all about potions and explosions, the Head Master likes to have some fun too! Party guests will need to do their best wizards and witches statues and musical cushions if there is time. A prize will be awarded to each winner.


Wizards and witches get hungry too, so it's off to the dining hall they go for afternoon lunch and birthday cake.


As a final lesson for these upcoming witches and wizards, the Enchanted Head Master demonstrates a spells lesson! Be careful with which ones you use though ... you don't want your friends to turn into toads! 


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Wand Making'? To read more click here.


1.5 Hour Duration


Recommended age 3+


* Included in this theme is the complimentary use of our wizard capes. Please note that these capes are the property of The Enchanted Studio Pty Ltd and not party gifts.


* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress as their favourite wizard or witch

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