Snow Princess

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Inspired by the enchanted Frozen movie, this theme is fit for any princess.


As the guests arrive, they will be seated in our lounge area. Snow Princess Elsa will arrive and escort her guests to our 'Snow Princess' room for the magical reveal.


Party guests will be positively blown away by our stunning display featuring our much-loved snow-making machine and so much more.


Children will receive pretty face jewels before they begin their fun party activities - snow statues and musical cushions are the favourites to get all the children involved. Each winner is awarded a prize.


After the games, Snow Princess Elsa will then seat her guests to our elegant dining table for their meals before the cake cutting takes place.


Prior to Snow Princess Elsa's departure, to continue the gleeful atmosphere, the children will then have a dance off to the Frozen theme song- this will be a sure fire way to ensure they leave with a great big energy burst.


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like Frozen themed 'Cupcake Making'? To read more click here


1.5 Hour Duration


Recommended age 2+


Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their best Frozen costume for full effect.