For many of us, Halloween is a celebration observed on 31 October where you get dressed up and head out to trick or treat in the local neighbourhood! Did you know, however, that it originated (on the eve of All Hallows Day) to recognise those that had passed including saints (hallows), martyrs and faithful departed? Interesting to know, but a lot of us don’t celebrate Halloween for it’s traditional meaning anymore…. I know our children love getting dressed up, in what ever they want to be, and meet up with their friends in the neighbourhood to go trick or treating (with parental supervision of course!) And whilst Halloween is not an occasion that everyone in Australia likes to participate in, we love it for the following reasons:


Children and parents getting outside socialising…what’s not to like about that!

Pumpkin carving into Jack O’lanterns

Such a fun activity for parents to do with children. Note: something we've learnt is that shouldn't carve your pumpkin too far out from Halloween as the pumpkins can start to go bad after a few days!

Halloween Costume Parties

Like we need an excuse to throw a party.... but really who doesn't love a costume party?!

Visiting Haunted Attractions

Not one for the faint-hearted. Melbourne has a number of fun tours and haunted attractions, one that looked particularly spooktacular this year was Spooktober that included 3 haunted manors that you could enter if you dared!

Telling scary stories and watching horror films as a family

Our boys are at the perfect age for scary stories and it's such a fun activity to get them to participate in and use their imagination. We'll save the horror films for when they're older!

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