Face Painting

Princess Face Painting - image via iStock

Adding face painting to a party or event can help children (and adults) bring their fantasies to life, and these fantasies make anything possible!

Tiger Face Painting - image via iStock
Butterfly Face Painting - image via iStock

Now-a-days, face painters don’t just paint faces; they are adding fun things like glitter tattoos,

Temporary Glitter Tattoo - image via pinterest

temporary tattoos,

Temporary Tattoo - image via @colourfultwist on Instagram

feather hair extensions,

Feather hair extension - photo via pinterest
Feather Hair Extensions - image via Pinterest

and body painting to their repertoire!

Pregnant Belly Painting - image via Youtube

Guests walk away with such a fun (semi-permanent) memory of the time they’ve had at your party.

Here's a list of considerations to think about when hiring a face painter for your next event:

1. Are they good with Children and Adults alike?

Do they have a Working with Children Check to be working at a Children's party?

2. Do they use high quality, suitable paint?

A paint that states it's non-toxic isn't always safe for the skin.

3. Check the glitter they are using - metallic craft glitter should not be used for face painting.

4. Ensure they have water or wipes to be able to clean their hands between each guest.

Check out The Enchanted Studios Directory for some of our favourite face painters.

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