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How it all began...

We love to (throw a) party!

The idea for Enchanted Studios was simmering in the background for quite some time. Both mothers, with creative marketing, events and business backgrounds (and a love of throwing a party), we realised the need for a one stop party destination when planning our own children’s parties. Hours were spent researching high and low for locations - checking out every (dirty) play centre, local bowls clubs, scout halls, local parks to host a party, only to end up at a venue on the other side of town!

Following a conversation about a desire we both had to follow our passion and start our own business, whilst spending more time with our children, we’ve taken the plunge...

Enchanted Studios is a destination for children’s birthday parties, kitchen teas, baby showers and much more. Our goal is to deliver a beautifully designed, flawlessly executed event that reflects your taste while maintaining a budget and of course without having to lift a finger; we strive on minimising the stress and maximising the fun!

It is also a space for fun and learning. In this ever-changing world, it’s hard to know what activities we "should" be doing with our children to help them grow into responsible and resilient adults.

The Enchanted Activities have been chosen for young children and their parents to engage in and encourage children to be children, creativity, health and wellbeing, but most of all, to just have fun.

As you may notice fun is the at the very core of our business values. We want all our guests, whether attending a party, event or activity, to have had an enchanting experience!

Team ES

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