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EnchantedStudiosTrainingDay133- princess

Roll out the pink carpet, this is a party fit for the finest royalty in all the land!


As the children arrive, they will be gathered in our lounge area. Magical music can be heard through the closed doors of our Garden Room, the Pirncess must be here! The Little Princes and Princesses are gathered and brought into the beautiful Princess Land to see the elegant Princess Arora waiting excitedly to greet them!  


Upon entering the Princess Land, Princess Arora explains that anyone can be a princess/prince if thats what their heart truly desires! The lovely Princess Arora teaches the Little Royalty in training all about her Royal Duties, such as how to curtsy, the royal wave, chatting with forest animals, and the most important, how to be kind to all the kingdoms people!


Being a princess is hard work, and even Princess Arora is getting hungry! High-Tea is served as the Little Royalty is seated at the grand ballroom table for a delightful meal! 


After tea and cake there might be  time for one last game before Princess Arora has to get back to her own kingdom. Prizes are awarded to winners of the games, its now time for Princess Arora to head home, she performs an elegant curtsy and waves her royal goodbye, wishing everyone the best for running their own kingdoms! 


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Princess Crown Decorating'? To read more click here.

1.5 Hour duration


Recommended age 3+


 * Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their favourite princess/prince costume.


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