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Fairy Garden


Prepare to enter our magical forest where our Enchanted Fairy awaits her wonderful guests.


As the children arrive, they are gathered in our Parent's Lounge area. Our Enchanted Fairy will arrive and whisk her guests off to reveal our Enchanted forest that awaits them.


Once inside, our Enchanted Fairy will take the birthday child to sit on their magical birthday bench. Our Enchanted Fairy is under strict instructions from The Enchanted Fairy Godmother to gather some new recruits for the 'Special Secret Fairy Kingdom'. A few games follow and the children become inducted into the 'Fairy Kingdom', but of course, our birthday child will graduate to head of the 'Fairy Leaders' and receive a special gift from the Enchanted Fairy. 

A special gift of Magical Pixie Dust is given to each new appointed Fairy or wizard by Our Enchanted Fairy. A colourful pouch with some sparkely gems are also given to the new fairies to hold thier precious Pixie Dust. Our Enchanted fairy helps everyone make a wish using a pinch of dust while dancing and singing along to some fairy songs. 


Our Enchanted Fairy will then seat her newly appointed 'Fairies and Wizards' down to our dining table for a scrumptious Enchanted Fairy Tea party.


Children will then have another opportunity to dance and celebrate their new titles before Our Enchanted Fairy must return to the Fairy Kingdom.


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Wand Making'? To read more click here.


1.5 Hour duration


Recommended age 2+


* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their best fairy or wizard costume for full effect.


** Included in this theme is a complimentary use of our fairy wings/capes. Please note that these items are the property of The Enchanted Studio Pty Ltd and not party gifts.

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