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Enchanted Creative Workshops 

We at Enchanted Studios, believe that being proactive during these preschool years is imperative to your child’s development. Our Enchanted Creative Workshops are 45-minute programs that have been created for preschool-aged children designed to foster learning through play, touch, and movement. These key learning elements have been incorporated into our programs to allow children to build on sensory and fine motor skills. With the help of a parent or guardian, children can explore and work at their own pace in our fun and friendly environment with children of their own age. This also allows children to learn about participation, interaction and building social skills.


With a variety of materials on hand, children will have the opportunity to allow their imagination run wild. Each week will see several environmentally friendly activity stations that may combine all three key learning elements. Whether it be messy play for babies, pompom sorting for toddlers or slippery slime making for the kindies it will be done with fun and laughter. And rest assured, all of our materials are non-toxic, childproof and safe. And best of all, you get to leave the mess behind.


Our classes can get a little messy so we would recommend a change of clothes (old clothes and shoes if possible) for both your child and the guardian. We cannot be held responsible for any damaged item/s of clothing or footwear. It is also advised to bring a plastic bag for after each workshop.

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