Builder Ben awaits his construction crew...


As guests arrive they will be seated in our lounge area. Once the entire construction team is present, they will be handed their hard hat and high vis vest and escorted to the site to clock on for their shift.


Builder Ben has a lot a work to get done on this shift - the first job to complete is "Build a Wall" this is where crew members are asked to build the highest wall possible using the bricks in the corner….


Hang on, Builder Ben has just received a call from the site supervisor and they’ve built the wall in the wrong spot! Time to knock down that wall with a wrecking ball!


Next up is the "Wheel Barrow Relay Race!" Here the crew will move the bricks to the right location, Builder Ben will divide the crew into 2 teams and will cart the foam bricks from one side of the room to the other


Next job is the "Construction Dig" Each child will use the construction toys to dig to find a small trinket in the sand.


Bell rings… it’s break time! The crew has worked up an appetite! Waiting for them at the lunch table are their lunch boxes filled with yummy goodies!


There’s time for a little more playing before all crew members hang up their hats and vests and head home for the day!  


Additional Option: Why not add on a hands-on building activity to this theme that involves each crew member building their own wooden toy? To read more click here.


1.5 Hour Duration


Recommended age 2+


* Included in this theme is the complimentary use of our construction vests. Please note that these capes are the property of The Enchanted Studio Pty Ltd and not party gifts.


* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, you may wish to suggest that guests come dressed as construction workers.