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Princess Cindy


The most exciting event is being held today ... the Ball! Princess Cindy is hosting the next and most elegant Ball for a special frineds birthday and your invited! Princess Cindy can't wait to meet her guests especially her most special guest of the Birthday Child!! 

As the children arrive for the Ball, they will be gathered in our lounge area. Magical music can be heard through the closed doors of our Garden Room, the Ball must be about to start! The Little Princes and Princesses are gathered and brought into the beautiful Ballroom to see the elegant Princess Cindy waiting excitedly to greet them!  


Once inside, Princess Cindy begins by giving a tour of her Ballroom, especially her famous glass slippers that are on display!

To get this Ball started, Princess Cindy shows all the guest how to greet friends at this dance, giving a curtsy and a wave. Then its time to dance, ballroom style! Princess Cindy shows eveyrone how to spin there way through the Ballroom to the music.

A well deserved snack break is served! Princess Cindy seats her guests at our stunning royal dining table where meals will be served.


Time is of the essence! Princess Cindy has a strict time limit for the Ball, however; there may be an opportunity for children to play another game or two before the final farewell from Princess Cindy.

The clock strikes 'midnight' and the Ball is over, Princess Cindy bids everyone a farewell and thanks them for coming along to the Ball shes hosted for the Birthday Child. She wisely tells everyone to rest as she waves an elegant fairwell. 


Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Crown Making'? To read more click here

1.5 Hour Duration


Recommended age 2+


* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their best Cinderella/Princess costume for full effect.

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