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Tiara's & Tutu's

Coming soon to The Enchanted Studios is our very own Ballerina Theme! Stay up to date on out Instagram and Facebook for the grand reveal! 

This theme will be perfect for both boys and girls who love to dance with elligance and can't wait to show thier beautiful talents to the our special Ballerina host!


Fifth position, Second Position ... and Grand Jete!! Perfect! 

Welcome all Ballerina's to our gracefull Ballerina Theme! 

Our Ballerina Host is eagar to teach these little ballerina's how its done! As the children arrive, they will be gathered in our parents lounge area. Music from all the best ballerina performances can be heard from our magical Garden Room. The children are shown into the beautifully styled Ballerina room where our host is eagerly waiting to meet them! 

Of course our birthday child is selected to be head Ballerina and given a special certificate for their perfect Ballerina tutu and tiara! Our Ballerina host especially loves anything that sparkels and shines, like the lovely children that are here today! 

Its time to warm up! Get those muscles moving and ready to dance! Everyone spreds out around the room and follows the stretchs shown by our Ballerina. Then of course its time for technique! Our Ballerina shows off some of her favourite dance moves, everyone must try their best to follow along! No stress if you cant keep up as its time for you own moves! Our Ballerina cranks up some tunes to have a fun dance off! 

Ballerina's need to reful their energy with an excellent lunch! All the ballerina's sit down at our beautifully styled dinning table to enjoy their meals and chat all things dance! 

After meals and of course cake there might be time for one last game! How about Musical Chairs OR Limbo! Some might even get a prize for winning, how exciting! 

Its been a long day and our Ballerina needs to rest for her big performance tomorrow. Everyone says goodbye and gets those perfect last minute photos with our beautiful host and special birthday child! Our Ballerina wishes eveyrone good luck on thier dancing journey and waves a graceful goodbye as they leap away! 

Additional Option: Why not add on a fun activity to this theme like 'Tutu Decorating'? To read more click here

1.5 Hour Duration

Recommended age 2+

* Party suggestion: To add to the experience of this theme, we would like to suggest asking your guests to dress in their best Ballerina Tutu for full effect! 

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